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Brand Name:SEMIONE

Brand introduction: As a professional design and supplier of MOSFET discrete devices, Shenzhen Semi-one Technology Co., Ltd.has always been committed to promoting high-performance, stable quality And the price competitiveness of the full range of MOSFET products. The core element provides the electronic engineer with a comprehensive MOSFET selection that provides breakdown voltageCover -100V to 700V, steady-state current coverage 100mA to 400A range of options.The core element uses the most advanced trench process technology and  current path Layout structure, to achieve the MOSFET power density maximization, significantly reducing the current conduction process  conduction power loss. At the same time, the core element They also offer a family of MOSFETs with low switching losses, which effectively  reduce the tank charge(Qg), especially the charge between the slot and drain (Qgd), Thereby reducing switching losses during fast switching. The core of the product using advanced packaging technology, the MOSFET power, heat and reliabilit To a new height, to ensure  that the MOSFET in the complex use of the environment reliability, and effectively reduce costs.

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