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  Main frequency of 32 universal MCU products of GD32F103 Series based on ARM®CortexTM-M3 kernel is 108MHz, which increases by 50% compared with that of similar products in the market. As a result, splendid processing performance is provided. Currently, maximum on-chip flash is 128KB, maximum RAM is 20KB, supply voltage range is 2.6V-3.6V, supply voltage of kernel is 1.2V and bearable electrical level of I/O interface is 5V. In addition, a real-time clock (RTC) and two watchdogs (WDGs) are built in. Besides, it has funcitons like power down reset (PDR), power on reset (POR) and low voltage detection (LVD) and supports three-phase PWM complementary output. Advanced control timer of the integrator can be used for vector control. At the same time, it holds 3 universal 16-bit timers, provides 43 external interruptions and can be nested 14 programmable priority levels.

  GD32F103 Series also integrates abundant peripheral equipment functions, has universal interfaces like USB2.0 full speed, CAN, LIN and LCD and can connect external storages, such as NOR-Flash and SRAM. At the same time, it is equipped with 2 12-bit highi-speed ADCs whose sampling frequency is 1MSPS and hold 16 channels, 3 USARTs, 2 SPIs and 2 I2Cs. Its available GPIO reaches up to 80%. Additionally, it supports port re-mapping function and its magnificent flexibility satisfies various demands for application.

      Having high-speed CPU kernel and GigaDevicegFlash® patented technology, the brand-new GD32 Series realizes zero wait when the kernel visits Flash. According to results of Dhrystones and CoreMark tests, code enforcement efficiency of GD32 increases by 30%-40% compared with that of similar products in the market. In addition, it optimizes application situations, such as energy conservation power supply of battery. GD 32 provides three power saving modes so that its operating current is reduced by 20-30% compared with similar products with the same main frequency in the market and power consumption of full-speed operation at the highest main frequency is only 1.05mW/MHz.

       MCU of GD32 Series makes every effort to bring excellent system performance and flexible application experience to users and performs better in cost performance. In order to make users have more range of free choice when research and development are implemented, brand-new GD32F103 product line provides Flash capacity from 16KB to 128KB. Meanwhile, there are several packaging choices, such as QFN36, TQFP48, LQFP64 and LQFP100. This series of products are completely compatible in the aspects of software and pin packaging.

       This series of MCU products cater to industrial and consumer flushbonading application and are appropriate for industrial automation, human-computer interface, electric machine control, security and protection monitoring, smart home and household appliances as well as internet of things etc. Besides, demands in the field of frequency converting control grow rapidly.

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