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SD683X Series Power Supply Solution

  SD6832 is a current mode PWM+PFM controller with built-in high-voltage MOSFET external sampling resistance used to switching power supply.
  The circuit has low standby power and low start current. In standby mode, the circuit enters a hiccup mode to reduce the standby power consumption effectively.
  The switching center frequency of the circuit is 25~67KHz, which is decided by the load. With jitter switching frequency, low EMI can be obtained.
  Built-in peak current compensation circuit makes ultimate peak current consistent when different AC voltages are input. Peak current compensation is maximum when power is on and then reaches balance gradually, which can reduce pressure on transformer and avoid saturation of a transformer during the power-on period. Ultimate peak current can be adjusted through the resistor connected to CS.

      It integrates various protective functions in abnormal stations, such as undervoltage lockout, overvoltage protection, overload protection, pulse leading edge blanking, primary winding overcurrent protection and thermal shutdown. The circuit can restart automatically and continuously until the system becomes normal if protection occurs.

∗ Energy Star 2.0 standards
∗ Low start-up current(3μA)
∗ Switching frequency changing with load can improve efficiency
∗ Jitter switching frequency can reduce EMI
∗ Overvoltage, primary winding overcurrent, overload and over-temperature protection
∗ External peak current sampling resistance
∗ Undervoltage lockout
∗ Internal integrated high-voltage MOSFET
∗ Auto reboot
∗ Peak current compensating circuit
∗ Maximum peak current compensation for initialization
∗ Hiccup mode
∗ Cycle-by-cycle current limit

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