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Scheme for Portable Power Source SoC

  CT6301/CT6302 is a portable power management chip which integrates linear large current charging and large current Boost controller. It aims at application of portable power source of high-capacity single-core or multi-core lithium battery in parallel connection (Lithium-ion or Li-polymer) and provides simple and easy solutions.

  CT6301/CT6302 internally integrates a large-current (maximum current is 1A) linear charger and one asynchronous Boost control circuit used for 1A current output (external Schottky Diode and NMOS switching tube). At the same time, it internally integrates functions like detection of electronic quantities, output current detection and limitation and non-load auto power-off. In addition, to protect security of lithium batteries when they are used, the system also integrates several protective functions, such as output current-limiting protection and IC over-temperature protection etc.

CT6301/CT6302 provides encapsulation mode: eTSSOP-20L.

Functional characteristics:

Linear-charging function

1. For linear charging, the maximum charging current reaches up to 1A and can be selected by external resistance.
2. In the mode o over-temperature protection, charging current changes with temperature of the chip automatically.
3. Charging voltage has high accuracy so that errors are less than 1%.
4. Support 4.20V battery.
5. Input voltage: 3.0-5.5V

Boost Controller

1. Asynchronous Boost pilot circuit, external MOS switching tube and Schottky Diode
2. Output voltage: 5.20V
3. Output voltage accuracy:+-3%
4. Maximum current output: 1A
5. Conversion efficiency: MAX: 87%
6. Output load detection, current-limiting and short-circuit protection

System management

1. Control of startup & shutdown by a button. Pressing the button transitorily can finish startup & shutdown (less than 2.1 seconds).
2. Automatic startup can be realized when the adapter is connected (details about requirements for this are shown in follow-up description).
3. Output current detection and output non-load detection. Automatic shutdown can be realized within 16.8 seconds.
4. Lighting LED on-off control. LED lighting sources can be turned on or off by pressing the button continuously over 2.1 seconds.
5. Charging status indicator
6. Display of batteries’ electric quantity
7. When battery voltage is less than 3.0V, BOOST output will be shut down automatically.
8. The function that loads have priority (external switching tube)

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